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Little wing

How a new flying wing design being developed by NASA could help man to land on Mars

Double agent

Step inside Honeywell’s Boeing 757 test aircraft, used for both engine and avionics testing

Hybrid future

Cranfield University’s Peter Malkin discusses hybrid electric aircraft in advance of the Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium

Crack team

Discover how Finland and Australia are collaborating on Hornet fatigue testing

Robot to the rescue

How NRL scientists are able to predict aspects of F/A-18 performance using a custom-designed robot

Data download

Airbus and Boeing provide exclusive access to their respective telemetry rooms

Sounds ultra advanced

Automating NDT will save time, reduce costs and speed up the test process. Now that systems are becoming more refined, this will be particularly applicable for composite structures

Pegasus – flying horsepower

Supporting the development of a new Pegasus LPC1 fan blade for the US Marine Corps Harrier upgrade led to the revival of a mothballed testbed

Lightning II ground

As the F-35 Lightning II completes a raft of flight test trials, Aerospace Testing International takes an exclusive look at the involvement of the Integrated Test Force (ITF) in this stage of the fighter’s complex multirole development

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