Advanced kill system trialled by Australian Defense Force


The Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS), a laser-guided rocket from BAE Systems, had successful live fire flight trials conducted by the Australian Defense Force.

The trials were held as part of an assessment for possible acquisition of the weapon and employed an Airbus Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopter (ARH) and APKWS systems equipped with Forges de Zeebrugge (FZ) rocket motors. The APKWS rocket achieved 10 for 10 in the live fire flight trials.

“These demonstrations have proven the versatility and flexibility of the APKWS rocket,” said David Harrold, director of precision guidance solutions, BAE Systems.

“The results are clear that our unique mid-body design can quickly and cost-effectively transform current inventory of unguided FZ rockets into highly precise weapons for greater mission success as it has done for Hydra rockets since initial fielding in 2012.”

The APKWS is a guided weapon using distributed aperture semi-active laser seeker technology and is compatible with existing Hydra 70 rocket components, such as launchers, warheads and fuzes.

BAE Systems said ground-launch trials were held in Australia last year.

In the live fire tests from a helicopter, the rocket was fired from targets at a distance of about 1,500-4,500yd at altitudes from 200-1,500ft. All 10 shots hit the target within three feet of the laser spot.

April 21, 2015 

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