Fire Scout UAV Avionics Trainer


The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit (CNATTU), North Island in the USA now offers a full spectrum of MQ-8C Fire Scout Vertical Take-off Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV) maintenance instruction with the arrival of their avionics training system.

CNATTU North Island is the only training center with the capability to train Fire Scout maintainers, and has been providing structural and power plant mechanics with the MQ-8B procedural trainer since April 2013.

“With delivery of our second trainer, the unit will add the capability to provide in-depth avionics troubleshooting, along with test and check procedures,” said chief aviation machinist’s mate Dan Singer, CNATTU division chief. “We can now facilitate the entire range of maintenance instruction in repair and upkeep of the MQ-8B.”

The avionics trainer has enabled CNATTU to add a two-week MQ-8B avionics course where technicians are provided instruction on characteristics and capabilities while learning primary and subsystems fault isolation and correction. Systems covered include ground control, vibration monitoring, navigation, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Common Automatic Recovery System (UCARS).

The MQ-8B Fire Scout aircraft deploy and support the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship missions. The platform significantly contributes to the LCS’s primary mission roles of anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

April 10, 2015

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