Marenco SKYe SH09 testing on track


Marenco Swisshelicopter has announced it has now entered the sixth month of flight testing of the second prototype (P2) of the SKYe SH09. Plans have remained on track according to its rigorous schedule, despite unfavorable weather conditions across the testing region in Switzerland at the start of summer.

P2 has achieved a wide range of flight test activities at 97% of the maximum take-off weight of 2,650kg. Successful completion of low speed flight maneuvers, both sideways and rearward, and significant expansion of the forward speed flight envelope, have kept the test crews busy. Operations at 3,000ft altitude that included turning flights, autorotations and development of take-off and landing profiles, have successfully demonstrated the potential of this airframe to operate in multiple environments.

Many landings were made on grass and in different cross-wind conditions. All flights are monitored from the ground via telemetry, allowing the team to evaluate and scrutinize data from system behavior and performance.

Performance has been evaluated both during vertical and forward climbs at up to maximum power with test crews reporting excellent power margins and fuel consumption as per predications. The performance is complemented by the large fuel tank that will deliver long endurance to future owners and operators of the SKYe SH09.

Every phase of flight testing is followed and controlled by strict maintenance inspections that are carried out to prepare for the next steps in the testing, which will see P2 continue its test flight plan with the high-speed campaign.

August 16, 2017

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