VZLU – Czech Aerospace Research Centre

VZLU – Czech Aerospace Research Centre
Beranových 130
199 05 Prague-Letnany
Czech Republic
+420 225 115 222

Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) is a national centre for aerospace research, development and testing. Its mission is to provide scientific support and bring innovative solutions for the industry. The Centre was founded in 1922.

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, VZLU is focused on solutions that are ready to be used by the industry. While covering the whole range of test and research and development tasks needed for aircraft development, our special focus lies in structural tests of aircraft and experimental evaluation of aircraft structures.

We offer following development activities and test services:

  • Static and fatigue tests of aircraft airframes, their parts and structural components and related appropriated experimental engineering
  • Experimental evaluation of structures within research and development activities (e.g. evaluation of new types of materials, designs, joints etc.)
  • Strength tests of metallic and composite structures with influence of ambient conditions (from humidity and temperature point of view)
  • Residual life static strength tests of fatigued structures, residual life assessment for structures and equipment
  • Rigidity and stiffness tests of aircraft airframe and their parts
  • Overpressure static tests
  • Certification tests according to airworthiness regulations
  • Experimental investigation of the original and fatigue failure and cracks propagation in airframes, their components and structural nodes
  • Testing of various joints technologies (riveting, gluing, welding) for structural nodes
  • Stress and strain measurements, deformations and displacements measurements, stress and strain experimental analysis (strain gages, laser interferometry, photogrammetry, thermoelasticimetry, photostress analysis, brittle lacquers), NDT inspections
  • Testing of structures for aging, corrosion and wear
  • Impact resistance of aircraft structures (e.g. Bird Strike tests, hail tests, etc.)
  • Advanced test methods and procedures for research, developmental and certification activities
  • Development of specific test rigs, jigs and test stands for full scale, component and material testing


  • VZLU – Czech Aerospace Research Centre
  • VZLU – Czech Aerospace Research Centre
  • VZLU – Czech Aerospace Research Centre