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Bartington Instruments
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We are a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance magnetic field measurement equipment used in aerospace and defence, and especially in magnetic signature measurements.

Our fluxgate magnetometers and magnetic susceptibility measuring instruments are used around the world, across a broad range of industries, to measure magnetic field signatures and influences of equipment where potential interferences need to be addressed.

Other key applications include airframe compensation measurements within MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detection) systems, compass pad calibration equipment, and magnetic hygiene. We have also developed custom magnetometers that operate to a wide variety of environmental, temperature, and testing standards.

Aerospace-qualified three-axis magnetometers: Mag628 and Mag629

These three-axis fluxgate magnetometers are designed specifically to meet the exacting environmental requirements of aerospace applications. They are ideal for vector compensation in airborne magnetometry, and for integration into MAD systems.

Mag629 is designed to MIL-STD-810 (vibration and shock) and MIL-STD-202 (thermal shock), with a mountable sensor head assembly and separate electronics module with noise levels of <8pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.

Mag628 has unpackaged electronics for integration into existing systems.

Test Equipment: Helmholtz Coils

Bartington Helmholtz Coils are perfect for precise calibration of vector magnetometers, installed in equipment or as stand-alone sensor.

HC1 has a diameter of 500mm and can produce a 0.1% homogeneous field in a volume of 260cm³. It is available as a single, two, or three-axis unit. It generates fields of up to 500μT at DC and 100μT at 3kHz.
HC2 coil has a diameter of 1m, making it suitable for testing large items. Its coil pairs generate a homogeneous magnetic field up to ±250μT at DC, and up to ±100μT at 300Hz. It produces a homogeneous field to 1% in a volume of 14,000cm³ and homogeneous to 0.1% in a volume of 2,500cm³.

HC16 has a coil diameter of just 350mm. Its coil pairs generate a homogeneous magnetic field up to ±1mT from DC to 440Hz, and >±100μT at 5kHz. This enables small sensor testing at higher fields, and provides a homogeneous field to 1% in a volume of 1,150cm³ and homogeneous to 0.1% in a volume of 175cm³.
We also supply Ferronato™ Helmholtz coils produced by Serviciencia SL. These offer a larger volume test region.

Our Helmholtz Coil Control System includes the PA1 power amplifier, CU1 control unit, and CU2 closed-loop module. It enables control of the current to be applied to our coils via a dedicated software package.