Testing Innovation: Anders Forslund, CEO and Founder, Heart Aerospace


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The CEO of Swedish startup Heart Aerospace talks about developing the company’s all-electric regional airliner the ES-19. and its measured approach to testing and certification
Anders Forslund founded Heart Aerospace in 2018 in Gothenberg, Sweden with the goal of developing an all-electric regional aircraft.

The company’s planned 19-seater ES-19 will have a range of 400km (250 miles) and will be able to operate from runways just 750m (2,461ft) long. With a targeted certification by summer 2026, Heart is rapidly growing its team, onboarding experience in its team and developing its design while progressing steadily through testing and certification. The company recently demonstrated the powertrain for the ES-19, the focus of its engineering efforts for the past two years.

In this podcast Forslund details Heart’s approach to development, testing and certification of the ES-19, discusses the importance of knowing your market and why reducing aviation’s environmental impact should still be the top of everyone’s agenda.

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