Joint Strike Missile completes flight test


The Joint Strike Missile (JSM) has successfully completed a missile flight test at the

Utah Test and Training Range in the USA last week (ending November 6, 2015).

The missile was launched from an Edwards Air Force-based F-16 at 22,000ft and performed a number of challenging flight maneuvers. The test proved the maturity of the missile and its flight control software. The missile is specifically designed to fit inside the F-35A weapons bay.

“The test demonstrates that we are on track with the qualification of JSM, which brings critical capability to F-35 and the warfighter”, said Harald Ånnestad, president, Kongsberg Defence Systems.

The JSM is a new missile being developed in partnership with Raytheon for the Norwegian Armed Forces. The missile will enable the F-35 to fight well-defended targets across long distances. Although designed to fit the F-35A, the weapon can also be integrated on other types of aircraft, extending its market potential.

The missile flight test program started early 2015 with numerous captive carry tests on an F-16 and it will continue with increasingly complex trials through 2016-2017. The flight test program is scheduled to finish in 2017.

November 13, 2015

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