UAV Turbines launches new gas turbine technology


The launch of leading-edge gas turbine technology to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry has been announced by UAV Turbines.

Ranging in power from 30hp to 150hp, UAV Turbine’s engines are designed specifically to address Group 3 and above UAV programs.

These engines will increase reliability, flight duration, payloads, and operational ceilings, while greatly reducing noise. Fuel consumption is low, using a variety of heavy fuels.

Peter Bale, UAV Turbine’s senior industry advisor, commented, “For 15 years UAVT’s predecessor company has been pioneering new, high performance turbine engine technology in unprecedentedly small engines with many potential applications. About three years ago, new management with fresh capital assigned the engineering team the task of creating a family of turbine engines that would be superior in performance and more reliable than any other engine in the UAV marketplace.”

The team looked at the alarming unreliability of internal combustion unmanned vehicle systems actually operating in the field, many of which show mean-time-between-overhaul (MTBO) at less than 100 hours. They have solved this problem, developing engines designed for MTBO in thousands of hours.

April 10, 2015

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