Brüel & Kjær launches microphone family for high-precision acoustic measurements


Danish company Brüel & Kjær has launched a family of microphones designed for high-precision, free-field measurements where high sensitivity is required.

To help engineers and acousticians achieve accurate measurements in their everyday tasks, Bruel & Kjær has introduced

The Type 4966 family of robust, reliable, free-field microphones is suitable for high-precision acoustic measurements in several different applications. These include: all-round acoustic measurements in temperatures up to 125°C, such as interior and exterior vehicle acoustic measurements – and sound power; where low-frequency disturbance, such as body boom or road noise, needs to be eliminated; for measurements in confined spaces or building an array with a low noise floor, and for high sound pressure level measurements or if the integrity of the microphone measurement channel needs to be checked

The Type 4966 family is made by hand and controlled by tight tolerances, making certain that each microphone meets high standards.

Assembly takes place in an ISO Class 5 clean room, ensuring that the microphones maintain their low noise floor and high stability even in environments that combine high humidity and high temperature.

More information about the Type 4966 family is available here.

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