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With the return of the ‘live’ Paris Air Show – where global aerospace industry players could once again meet around the latest technological innovations – HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjær) reinforces its unwavering commitment as a reliable partner throughout the entire product life cycle for the aerospace and defense industry. With expertise in test and measurement solutions, HBK plays a pivotal role in design and development, deployment, and ongoing operation, ensuring high-quality, safe, and efficient outcomes for manufacturers.

Design and development: streamlining prototyping and validation

In the complex world of aerospace and defense products, design and development require precision and validation. HBK understands the significance of integrating simulation and physical testing to achieve desired results. By providing comprehensive solutions for test and measurement, HBK helps in increasing confidence and data integrity before production, helping manufacturers save valuable time and costs while meeting critical program milestones.

Deployment: ensuring safety and performance

Certification is a rigorous process for aerospace products, necessitating intensive qualification tests and flight trials. HBK recognizes that failure is not an option when it comes to equipment designs meeting performance expectations. Through its innovative solutions, HBK assists manufacturers in discovering design flaws and evaluating the static and dynamic structural integrity of systems. By supporting the attainment of the certificate of airworthiness and qualifying new developments, HBK plays a pivotal role in ensuring maximum safety in operation.

Operation: sustaining compliance and reliability

HBK’s commitment extends beyond the development phase. With a range of engineering services and solutions, HBK supports ongoing testing, legal compliance, extended product life, and monitoring of environmental impact. By offering predictive maintenance and reliability solutions, including life data analysis and accelerated life testing, HBK enables manufacturers to optimize reliability and maintainability analysis techniques.

Comprehensive solutions for structural testing and integration

HBK stands as a leader in providing a comprehensive range of applications and solutions for structural testing, monitoring, and seamless integration with simulation, particularly finite element analysis (FEA). By bridging the gap between physical testing and simulation, HBK empowers manufacturers to achieve superior results in terms of safety, efficiency, and performance.

As a trusted partner throughout the product life cycle, HBK remains dedicated to driving innovation, delivering exceptional results, and ensuring the success of its clients in the aerospace and defence industry.

Looking forward to meet you

For more information, visit the Aerospace section of our website or join us at booth #427 during The Aerospace Test and Development Show in Toulouse on September 19 – 20 where you can engage with our experts and enjoy our technical presentations including:

–              Introduction of a satellite-based data acquisition system for power measurement

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