NASA announces In-Space Manufacturing logo challenge


NASA’s In-Space Manufacturing (ISM) project is responsible for developing the manufacturing capabilities that will provide on-demand, sustainable operations during NASA Exploration Missions (in-transit and on-surface). This includes testing and advancing the desired technologies, as well as establishing the required skills and processes (such as certification and characterization) that will enable the technologies to become institutionalized.

This ‘make it, don’t take it’ approach includes developing a 3D printing fabrication laboratory (‘Fab Lab’) which can manufacture parts in space using multiple materials and the ability to embed printed electronics. Further goals include in-space recycling of printed parts and other materials such as packaging to reduce mass and waste, and manufacturing structures externally in space. In 2015, the ISM project made history by sending the first 3D printer to the International Space Station (ISS) and manufacturing parts in space for the fist time. This was a critical first step in demonstrating additive manufacturing in microgravity.

NASA has launched the challenge to develop a project logo and/or patch, which should graphically convey the key theme of space exploration and on-demand manufacturing and repair. The logo will be used in multiple ways in the project and a small version of the logo will be placed in the top corner of all presentation materials developed by the project, and a larger version of the logo may be placed on the title page of presentations. The project logo will also be used on team items (shirts, mugs, etc.) and in materials developed for education and public outreach.

The selected design will be awarded US$300 and the closing date is April 14, 2016. Full details and specific requirements can be found here. 

April 8, 2016

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