Molon Labe Side-Slip Seat passes dynamic testing


Molon Labe Seating, developer and producer of aircraft seats, will unveil the Side-Slip Seat to the market in October. This seat was specifically designed for short and medium range operations in economy class. The market-ready seat will be displayed to the public for the first time at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Singapore.

Around five years ago, company founder Hank Scott had the idea for the Side-Slip Seat. A mock-up version was displayed at last year’s World Low Cost Carrier Congress in London. The company has gathered feedback from airlines and industry experts, and incorporated this feedback into the final design. This matured seat has just successfully passed 16g dynamic testing.

With the Side-Slip Seat, the aisle seat can be slipped over the middle seat, doubling the width of the aircraft aisle during boarding, enabling more passengers to enter the aircraft in less time, and reducing delays in the aisle.

For the airline, this means saving up to 30% on boarding time and a potential to reduce their block time, leading to less cost on the ground, a reduction of emissions, and a higher aircraft utilization. Molon Labe Seating has already been recognized as “Green Exporter” by the Export-Import Bank of the US government, providing sustainable and environment-friendly products.

The staggered design of the Side-Slip Seat offers more living space to all passengers. Window and aisle seats are a comfortable 18in wide, while the center seat provides 20.8in of width at the shoulders. The increase in lateral space as well as the staggered design adds to more passenger comfort. Shoulder-to-shoulder contact and the fight for the armrest are things of the past.

For users of smartphones and tablets, the seat offers a dedicated place for connection via USB, with USB power fully integrated in the seat without intruding leg space. The seat is fully BYOD-ready.

October 20, 2016

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