Modular adaptive production is winner of Airbus Defense & Space Challenge award


The INNOspace Masters 2017 competition ‘Space 4.0 – new ideas for the next space generation’ encouraged proposals for new products, services and business models in emerging space markets. More than 146 participants in 66 teams from 10 countries submitted their innovative approaches.

The winning project in the Airbus Defense & Space Challenge was proposed by Zentrum für Telematik (ZfT), addressing automation methods based on advanced robotics for production of larger quantities of satellites.

Modern automation concepts from Industry 4.0 are transferred to satellite production. Mega-constellations demand disruptive changes in assembly methods compared to classical manufacturing of single satellites.

Nevertheless, they need to be compliant with the extreme quality requirements in space and the extreme space operations environment.

“Thus, there is huge potential for the introduction of modern automation and robotics to increase efficiency. In the future, also in the complex assembly of satellites will be provided specific variants of a standard product,” said ZfT president Prof. Dr Klaus Schilling.

July 26, 2017

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