Safran to supply electrical systems for ecoDemonstrator flight tests


Boeing’s 2018 ecoDemonstrator is a FedEx Triple 777 freighter

Safran Electrical & Power is providing the electrical systems to Boeing for its latest flying testbed aircraft for environmental technology.

The Boeing ecoDemonstrator program began in 2011 and has so far tested more than 60 technologies using four airplanes as flying testbeds. This year’s ecoDemonstrator test program starts this month. Boeing and FedEx are testing more than 30 new technologies aboard a FedEx-owned 777 Freighter, which will be equipped with an electrical channel provided by Safran Electrical & Power.

The ecoDemonstrator’s technologies include reduce propulsion technologies intended to reduce emissions and noise, avionics equipment to help improve airlines’ gate-to-gate efficiency and the testing of new materials to help meet environmental goals.

Safran Electrical & Power is equipping the 2018 ecoDemonstrator with a comprehensive electrical channel, including electric power generation and distribution systems, engine and aircraft wiring, and electric fans.

The 2018 ecoDemonstrator flight test campaign will demonstrate the Safran electrical channel’s overall electrical system efficiency, reduction of energy losses, and weight and operating savings.

Alain Sauret, president of Safran Electrical & Power, said, “We are providing the Boeing ecoDemonstrator with the electric power source and a complete electrical channel. Our contributions also highlight the benefits of a comprehensive electrical system supplier supporting an aircraft manufacturer in the optimization of its aircraft electrical systems.”

Safran Electrical & Power has designed and developed one of the fastest flight-worthy electrical channels for civil aircraft. This solution is unique in the market and allows future optimization of the full aircraft electrical system.

February 21, 2018

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