HondaJet nears FAA Type Certification


Honda Aircraft Company announced on November 17 that it has completed all function and reliability (F&R) test conditions and is concluding F&R flights for the HondaJet, a light business jet.

Function and reliability testing simulates typical, in-service flight operations for a new aircraft design. Testing includes take-offs, landings, system operations, failure cases, approaches and operations in hot, cold and humid environments. This ensures the aircraft, including its components and equipment, is reliable and functioning properly. The HondaJet has flown missions to 54 airports in 31 states in the continental USA as part of F&R testing.

In October, Honda Aircraft completed Part 23 certification flight testing. The flight test program has exceeded 3,000 total flight hours and testing was conducted at more than 70 locations in the USA.

November 27, 2015

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