Global 7000 FTV2 makes emergency landing, TSB reports


An incident report by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has described a situation where a Bombardier Global 7000 flight test aircraft, FTV2, made an emergency landing on August 15 after experiencing an inflight engine flame out.

While flying at 41,000ft, a flame-out was experienced in the right GE Passport engine of Flight Test Vehicle 2 (FTV2). The flight crew immediately declared an emergency and safely returned to the Bombardier flight test center at Wichita airport, Kansas, located 290km away.

The company issued a statement on August 18 about the incident, which said:

“Safety is our top priority. Our test pilots, following an occurrence this week, followed standard procedures and returned to base uneventfully.”

The Global 7000 aircraft program’s flight test vehicles (FTV) continue to perform certification testing activities on schedule.

Global 7000 aircraft have made consistent progress this year with FTV4 and FTV5 on track to join flight testing shortly, and GE’s Passport engine received its Federal Aviation Association (FAA) type certification in early 2016.

August 21, 2017

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