NASA selects electronic propeller systems for a P-3 aircraft


NASA has selected UTC Aerospace Systems for the world’s first NP2000 propeller modernization of a P-3 aircraft. The agreement provides for procurement and installation of NP2000 propellers with electronic propeller control systems and will include engineering, technical and logistics services over the next two years. UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The NP2000 is being offered to replace the HS 54H60 propeller system for the P-3. It is designed to provide higher reliability, reduced vibration and noise, and reduce support costs. The US Navy has already deployed the NP2000 on the E-2C Hawkeye and C-2A Greyhound, and it is currently flying on C-130 aircraft with the Air National Guard.

This milestone in the NP2000 modernization program is a critical step to gain airworthiness approval on a P-3, and supports UTC Aerospace Systems’ efforts to market

the NP2000 for 54H60 propeller replacements.

The P-3 is considered a core platform for the NASA Airborne Science Program. The aircraft supports scientific investigations by NASA and visiting scientists from universities, other agencies and organizations worldwide. The P-3 is also used as a technology test bed for new airborne and satellite instrumentation.

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