Turkish Hürjet makes maiden test flight


Turkish Aerospace’s Hürjet trainer jet has completed its first test flight, making it the first crewed jet aircraft to be developed entirely in Turkey.

The Hürjet achieved an altitude of 14,000ft and a speed of 288mph (463km/h) during the 26 minutes test flight on April 23 from the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) facility outside Ankara.

The maiden flight of the first Hürjet prototype has been heralded as a historic milestone for TAI and Turkey because it is the first entirely indigenously made crewed jet aircraft made in the country and the first capable of supersonic speeds.

The single-engine advanced jet trainer can also be used as a light attack aircraft and is powered by the GE F404-GE-102 engine. It is designed to have a maximum speed of 1,074mph (1,730km/h) and a range of 2,222km (1,380 miles).

It will replace the T-38 Talon being used by the Turkish Air Force for training from 2026.

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