Russian Air Force begins attack helicopter trials


The Russian Air Force has begun conducting acceptance trials on the first batch of Ka-52 attack helicopters that are being completed at the Russian Helicopters’ Progress plant in Arsenyev on Russia’s Pacific coast.

The Ka-52 is a two-seat development of the Ka-50, which has been in service for nearly 15 years. The trial will schedule delivery of 16 Ka-52s to the Russian Air Force this year.

According to Yuri Denisenko, the plant’s general director, the framework contract between Russian Helicopters and the Russian defense ministry calls for shipments of 146 Ka-52s by 2020.

The Ka-52 has a side-by-side layout and revised avionics set, with focus on electronic reconnaissance and firing with guided missiles at stand-off ranges. The heavily armored Ka-50 was primarily intended for over the battlefield operations using both guided and unguided air-launched munitions.

April 10, 2015

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