Brazilian air force tests KC-390 refueling


Embraer’s KC-390 airlifter has begun aerial refueling flight testing for the Brazilian Air Force.

Earlier in February, the first dry-contact refueling test (where no fuel is transferred) was conducted with an F-5M fighter jet as the receiver, says the Brazilian Air Force.

Embraer’s KC-390 is a medium-sized jet military transport and two prototypes of the aircraft have been built so far. A third is being finalized for construction and the test program is slated to achieve 2,000 flight hours for the development and certifications tests.

In the dry-contact tests, no fuel was transferred, but other refueling procedures were conducted.

Flight test engineers evaluated the common parameters for the correct flight profile by the tanker and receiver aircraft in initial tests to determine the correct speeds and approach angles.

The refueling test program for the KC-390 is scheduled to run until the end of 2018.

March 1, 2017

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