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PLD Space is seeking a new member for the team to serve as propulsion test engineer for MIURA 1 launch vehicle.

The primary role of this position involves testing hardware from development, qualification, and acceptance for flight at both subsystem and component level.

The Candidate will carry out rocket engine testing activities and propulsive stage testing activities at PLD Space propulsion facilities in Teruel, Spain. This role is for a hands-on person. The main workplace will be Elche with frequent travels to Teruel and Huelva.


  • Deep understanding of liquid rocket engine propulsion subsystems and components.
  • Deep understanding of test procedures, industry standards, and best-practices.
  • Knowledge of thermodynamic principles as applied to cryogenics and high-pressure systems, to ensure test facilities can provide physical parameters defined for each engine system or component.
  • Knowledge of safety principles and best practices while working with high pressure fluids and cryogenics.
  • Perform fundamental fluid flow, heat transfer and structural analysis to contribute to the design and development of new propulsion test facilities
  • Write test plans, test procedures, and maintain configuration management system.
  • Perform data analysis and prepare data reviews and performance reports to evaluate propulsion test facility performance.
  • Work with technicians in the field to prepare test articles prior to testing.
  • Coordinate with technicians to operate cryogenic facilities, fuel facilities and high-pressure lines for engine testing.
  • Provide support to System Engineering department to define, coordinate and control the functional and physical interfaces between the propulsion system and the launch vehicle.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Required competences

  • BSc in Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Must be able to stand for extended periods.
  • Must be able to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Must be able to handle items weighting more than 15kg.

Valued competences

  • Experience working with high pressure systems, desired experience with Fuel and/or cryogenic components and propellants.
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes, test & integration procedures of liquid aerospace propulsion systems or pressurized system.


  • 5+ years of Rocket Propulsion subsystem testing activities or aerospace-related propulsion testing activities.

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