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Black magic

How do you test composites? More than just ‘black metal’, these new materials require, and deserve, a whole new approach that takes into account their unique properties

Ivory tower or shop floor?

The aerospace testing community is made up of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, but does formal education offer an advantage over on-the-job training?

Dream departure

Boeing reveals the meticulous steps behind preparing the 787-9 Dreamliner for flight testing

Watch this space

NASA’s commercial crew program is heating up this summer, with a number of critical testing milestones either planned or underway

Winning formula

With the first demonstration race having successfully taken place in Spain, Air Race F1 is now set to become a World Series in 2015. We talk to the pilots and the organizer

Is more or less best?

Aerospace testing activities are often accused of being ‘process heavy’ – too much time is spent on activities that do not directly produce results. Is this accusation fair?

Aerodynamic duo

How wind tunnel testing of a Boeing 757 vertical tail has helped prove active flow control can enhance performance

Handy Mandi

Crawling robots are beginning to attract attention as a possible fast, safe and low-cost means of completing non-destructive inspection on aerospace structures

Is speed of the essence?

Many aerospace test programs can feel like they are overwhelmingly governed by the golden rule ‘time is money’ – but is this the right approach?

Life after first flight

Flight testing of the new Airbus A350 XWB is underway in France – what flight progress has been made since the aircraft first flew in June 2013?

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