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To be there or not to be there?

Is there really any substitute for physical attendance at trials? Aerospace engineers Garnet Ridgway and Sophie Robinson, share their opinions, but will they agree?

Tunnel vision

Since NASA contracted Boeing to develop the CST-100 module,

James Johnson, lead test and evaluation manager of the program, has seen the team progress – but also face development challenges along the way

Zero personality

Like them or loathe them, unmanned aerial vehicles are here to stay. But are they as challenging to test as their manned counterparts? Aerospace engineers Garnet Ridgway and Sophie Robinson investigate

Hit the dust

A recent helicopter crash test conducted by NASA, the US Navy, the US Army and the FAA hopes to shed new light on seat safety and lightweight composites, while also exploring the value of new testing methods

The frame grabbers

So-called ‘frame grabbers’ have helped engineers unravel a complex picture of aerodynamic interactions during the Embraer KC-390’s refueling procedures

Root cause

How Wichita’s National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) is using a F/A-18 first-generation aircraft to learn more about the aging of composite structures and bonds

The good old days: true or false?

Is it more difficult to be a test pilot now than it was in days gone by? Aerospace engineers Garnet Ridgway and Sophie Robinson, who met at the Flight Science and Technology group at the University of Liverpool, have a difference of opinion.

Come Together

The US Missile Defense Agency has proved its integrated systems concept in the biggest and most ambitious advanced threat test and raid assault ever: FTI-01

Sowing the seeds

Arnold Engineering Development Complex updates and improves its particle seeding system with a multi-injector solution

Set the course

Canada’s National Research Council helicopter test pilot Stephan Carignan discusses his exceptional career and what’s next for the rotorcraft industry

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