White Paper: Digital Vibration Sensors & Data Reduction Platform for Machinery Diagnostics

Machinery health monitoring in modern HUMS and unmanned air vehicle development is entering a new era, with more urgency, as industry moves toward better asset management and eventually to cloud-based operation. Aircraft and machines of the future are expected to have the ability to self-diagnose conditions that could lead to failure or downtime. To reach those goals, Dytran has developed CAN-MD®, an innovative sensor-based digital machinery diagnostics platform that transitions vibration monitoring to an all-digital format with high-level, broadband vibration data.

CAN-MD® sensors are the first of their kind, featuring onboard digital signal processing (DSP) that enables the next generation of machinery diagnostics. CAN-MD® accelerometers collect vibration data, process spectral data, and post condition indicators (CI’s) that allow advanced vehicles and machines to self-diagnose conditions that could lead to catastrophic failure or unanticipated downtime. CIs can be used to trend developing faults, predict failures, or trigger alarms for maintenance and shutdown.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Dytran can transition your aerospace testing application to a digital architecture with CAN-MD®, the future of digital vibration sensor technology.

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