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Over the last 30 years, Tekna’s dedicated team of scientists has worked closely with aerospace and defense OEM’s, Universities and Research Centers around the world on developing high-enthalpy wind tunnel solutions.

The company’s offering includes unique expertise in the design and integration of advanced diagnostic equipment for the characterization of plasma and test samples exposed to a wide range of stress conditions.

PlasmaSonic, our state-of-the-art plasma wind tunnels, can operate under a wide range of conditions with high repeatability and reliability to reproduce the conditions of an object at atmosphere reentry and/or traveling at hypersonic velocity.

It is possible to accurately measure vital parameters on a vehicle’s body, such as ablation, stagnation pressure, heat flux, surface and inside temperature, plasma enthalpy, and gas velocity.

PlasmaSonic high-enthalpy wind tunnel:











PlasmaSonic torch:






To get more information on PlasmaSonic:
– Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRzn4hPLGo8
– Brochure: https://www.tekna.com/landing-page/plasmasonic
– Webinar: https://www.tekna.com/webinar/eastern_us_time/plasma-wind-tunnels-aerospace-webinar

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