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Safran Data Systems
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Safran Data Systems: A World Leader in Testing & Telemetry

From airborne data acquisition units, high-speed recorders, switches, transmitters to tracking ground antennas, receivers, high bandwidth recorders managed by a complete software suite including data processing, our offer encompasses all your Flight Test Instrumentation needs for aircraft, helicopters, missiles, UAVs and launch vehicles.

Safran Data Systems (formerly Zodiac Data Systems), now a Safran company, designs, manufactures and supplies end-to-end Flight Test and Telemetry equipment and solutions from sensors to analysis. With a constant focus on customer needs and being aware of the challenging environment, Safran Data Systems manages to maintain its position of world leader, thanks to its 50 years of experience in this field and its capacity to offer standard, tailored and always high quality solutions.

Safran Data Systems aims at providing the best support to customers flight test campaign based on their expectations, both in the air and on the ground. Safran Data Systems has the experience to provide solutions either as separated equipment or as a complete integrated system solution tuned for the specific needs of any Flight Test and Telemetry project/application.

Our customers are willing to trust our ability to propose products and solutions, combining an important know-how and a strong willingness to innovate. After our past successes (first integrated signal-conditioning FTI for launch vehicles, high bandwidth definition video link in fighters and near-space vehicle), Safran Data Systems is currently focused on the opportunity to offer not only a high performance wireless data acquisition in harsh environment but also a low-power smart sensors that improve instrumentation capabilities while minimizing intrusiveness.

From acquisition to processing, transmission to reception and recording, Safran Data Systems provides an optimal answer to the ever more demanding requirements of its customers around the world.

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