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EMCC DR. RAŠEK is a leading independent, international and ISO 17025 accredited provider for EMC, radio, electrical safety and environmental simulation.
We are Pioneers in the field of EMC and work with enthusiasm, excellence and passion to ensure the success of your projects. Our competences cover a wide range of services, experience and know-how in the fields of aerospace. We test products according to international standards, such as RTCA DO 160, MIL-STD, EUROCAE ED-14, NATO-AECTP-250/500, as well as individually according to the company standards.

Aircraft EMC
Our core competences:
• ISO 17025 accredited and OEM approved test lab
• EMI, LEMP, NEMP – tests with the highest levels according to nearly all standards
• Emission testing up to 50 GHz, susceptibility testing up to 40 GHz
• Open area test sites, also roofed
• HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Fields) and HPM (High Power Microwave) immunity testing
• Typical radar spot frequencies up to 30 kV/m
• HERO-testing; EED monitoring
• Helicopter borne ESD according AECTP 250/500, STANAG 4235
• Power input testing up to 45 kVA
• Test unit surveillance; including high definition video system
• Resonance frequency analysis of aircraft 3D model

Key developments and innovations behind our EMCC services:
• Generate and simulate direct lightning strikes more than than 200 kiloamps
• Electrostatic discharge tests for discharges exceeding 300 kilovolts
• HIRF tests with electric field strengths up to and exceeding 40,000 V/m











Extract from Environmental Testing:
• Temperature and altitude
• Temperature variation
• Humidity
• Operational shocks and crash safety
• Vibration
• Explosion proofness
• Waterproofness
• Sand and dust
• Fungus resistance
• Salt spray
• Icing
• Fire, flammability

Lightning (direct/indirect)
• Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects testing
• Direct Lightning Effects Test up to 200 kA, 200 kV
• Indirect Lightning Effects Test according to avionic and military specifications up the highest test levels
• NEMP testing
• Theoretical and numerical analyses of the lightning coupling effects, analysis and simulation of the protection measures, design support and reviews
• Design and manufacturing test generators for the simulation of lightning and nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) according to all kind of high-end requirements
• Fast development and preparation of special tests e.g. exceptionally high magnetic fields, currents, voltages
• Consulting, troubleshooting and design reviews
• Training

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