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Dewesoft measurement equipment reduces costs and time to market

Dewesoft has become an essential tool for Aerospace and Defense (A&D) leaders around the world. We are your one-stop-shop for A&D testing with a variety of solutions for aerospace applications ranging from standard data recording, structural dynamics, rotating machinery analysis, acoustic testing, to more specific applications like ground station telemetry solutions including full support for a host of interfaces.

We can provide flexible and robust Data Acquisition (DAQ) hardware and software solutions that will match your requirement for testing airplanes, helicopters, rockets, and satellites. Our versatile platform is ideal for applications and environments including air, space, ground test centers, inside proving grounds, wind tunnels, vibration shakers, and anechoic chambers. Our solutions are being used and trusted by leading aerospace companies around the world for their most demanding projects.

At Dewesoft, we understand the costs, time, and urgency of some of these tests. Therefore, we have listened to our customers and adapted to the market to provide redundancy features driven by our A&D partners. With our latest hardware, we allow for dual communication, sync, and power to ensure the next level of confidence in your testing. Our dual EtherCAT platform with dual input power can be utilized when tests have vulnerable power/cabling conditions or simply when redundant recording is required or desired. We understand that lost data for whatever reason is unacceptable and address this with our next-generation hardware.

Our A&D partners are viewing hardware testing now as a necessary evil. Although they realize it is essential for improving quality and performance, they don’t always recognize the value it brings to their business. At Dewesoft, we specialize in providing turnkey, rapidly fielded hardware and software to streamline your Aerospace testing requirements. Each system is uniquely designed to eliminate unwanted time and effort setting up hardware for your test programs. Our award-winning software simplifies your test engineers’ job. Our software has received multiple international awards, is innovative, very easy to use, and requires no programming experience to acquire, store and analyze data synchronized from several data sources.

Our DAQ software is included for free with the purchase of all of our data acquisition hardware. We offer free support and software upgrades for the life of the products with zero renewal fees. Period. There are no hidden costs. With A&D Test expectations so high now, you can’t afford to continue buying software every time your test setups change. That’s why integrating Dewesoft into your A&D Programs makes tremendous sense.

Dewesoft, Engineers take a holistic approach when sitting down with A&D leaders for discussions involving existing obstacles and how they can be addressed with new DAQ solutions. Acquiring accurate data plays a vital role in supporting engineering and a business’s efforts to evolve. The testing and validation process empowers teams to innovate faster and more productively, which is why it’s important for those who oversee design, production, engineering, and other parts of a business to understand the value of testing and validation across the entire enterprise.

Automated test and measurement systems that are connected and tightly integrated with instrumentation can greatly improve efficiency and quality. Production test systems that are linked to a manufacturing execution system (MES) can ensure that test assets are allocated and managed efficiently. Plus, using Dewesoft, with your linked systems helps guarantee that test execution is optimized as manufacturing conditions change. Systems using Dewesoft, solutions for field maintenance and testing can share usage, diagnostic, and repair data automatically to inform ongoing product development and refinement.

Replacing legacy test equipment and software has never been easier with Dewesoft, Our team is composed of professionals solely dedicated to modernizing and improving your DAQ environment. Test organizations generally have a short window of time where they need to upgrade their outdated legacy instrumentation with more powerful, modern instrumentation. During this upgrade period, it is also crucial that test organizations have access to their data in the legacy format as well as the improved format to maintain efficiency and eliminate downtime throughout the organization.

Fortunately, Dewesoft provides these solutions and services today. A&D Leaders, IT Managers, Test Unit decision-makers, and Operations Teams can employ our solutions concurrently and strategically, helping their businesses move toward the usage of the ultimate tools for Test & Measurement professionals.

From standard data recording, structural dynamics, rotating machinery analysis, acoustic testing, to more specific applications like ground station telemetry solutions with full support for ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553 buses, PCM telemetry, IRIG 106 – Chapter 10, Ethernet packets, and iNet telemetry. We can provide flexible and robust data acquisition hardware, and software that will match your requirement for testing airplanes, helicopters, rockets, satellites in the air, space, or on the ground – proving ground, wind tunnel, vibration shaker or acoustic chamber.

Our solutions are being used and trusted by leading aerospace companies on the most demanding projects like NASA, ESA, SpaceX, Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, Honeywell to name just a few.

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Unique Telemetry Solution

Dewesoft has a variety of data acquisition hardware that can interface with the telemetry market and uses DewesoftX data acquisition software that can read and decode the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data from any telemetry data recorder in real-time over the ethernet or a pre-recorded Chapter 10 file.

What makes Dewesoft X software unlike anything else on the market today is the ability to combine standard analog data acquisition solutions with telemetry data, aircraft bus data (PCM, ARINC 492, MIL-STD-1553, iNet), video, and many others.

For the engineers, this brings a big advantage, flexibility, ease of use, and time to invest in learning only one software interface for a variety of solutions.

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