Podcast: Norris Tie, Exosonic


In this month’s podcast we preview our forthcoming event London to Sydney in Five Hours: The Future of Aviation by talking to one of the speakers –  Norris Tea, co-founder and CEO of Exosonic.

Exosonic is a US company developing a low-boom supersonic jet capable of cruising at Mach 1.8.  The company and Norris garnered much attention when their partnership with the US Air Force to produce a supersonic Air Force One aircraft was announced last year.

Norris has been working in the aerospace sector for the last four years, exclusively on vehicles that fly faster than the speed of sound and has been passionate about supersonic commercial flight from a young age.

During the podcast We discuss Exosonic’s  development plans, the connection between Exosonic and NASA/Lockheed’s X-59 supersonic aircraft as well as some of the major technical challenges for passenger supersonic aircraft.

London to Sydney in Five Hours: The Future of Aviation is co-located with the first Aerospace Testing Symposium. Both are being held in London on the 29th and 30th of September. The conferences will also be available online if you can’t make it to London.


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