In this Issue – SHOWCASE 2021

Aerospace Testing International 2021 Showcase

Showcase 2021

The Aerospace Testing International Showcase 2021 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

FLIGHT TEST ROUNDUP : Aerospace Testing International’s annual flight-test report and program update for leading commercial airliners in development

A STABILIZING FORCE : SwRI models propellants to mitigate the motion of sloshing fuel in rockets

LIGHT WEIGHTING IN AIRCRAFT : Engineers should look beyond traditional choices to meet market and legislative demands regarding fuel consumption and carbon emissions

THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL E-MOBILITY : Development and testing of charging electronics must conform to industry standards

REVEALING THE SECRETS OF DYNAMIC STALL PROCESSES : The use of high-speed cameras in particle image velocimetry is helping engineers improve understanding of dynamic stall processes

LS-18-M SERIES PROTABLE MULTI-STREAM DATA AND TELEMETRY SIMULATION AND PROCESSING ENGINE : The latest telemetry equipment provides a powerful and flexible toolset for flight test engineers

SRS TEST DEVELOPMENT : Shock testing is essential for product qualification, durability, and reliability but the current process can be time consuming and most critically, inexact

SPACE-TIME CODING: A BETTER TWO-ANTENNA SOLUTION : Experiencing unexpected signal fades and data dropouts during testing? Your problem may be antenna self-interference. If so, STC can save the day

FLIGHTS TO FILES : Open standards in hardware and software design allow engineers to leverage the best-in-breed technologies in airborne instrumentation and telemetry ground systems



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