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Showcase 2020

The Aerospace Testing International Showcase 2020 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

SPOOF PROOFING GPS TECHNOLOGY : Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute in the USA have developed tests for GPS technology to help counter hacking threats against drones and aircraft

DATA FUSION FOR THE NEXT GENERATION STRUCTURAL TEST ENVIRONMENT : Data Fusion is the process of integrating multiple data sources to produce more consistent, accurate, and useful information than that provided by any individual data source

ACCURATE AND FLEXIBLE BATTERY TESTING : How to perform battery testing effectively using the EX1401 isolated thermocouple and voltage measurement instrument

MODULAR LS-68-M SERIES TELEMETRY PROCESSING AND SIMULATION ENGINE : Advances in technology have enabled the developers of telemetry processing system to lower costs and reduce the footprint of equipment further

DEVELOPING A NATIONAL SATELLITE TESTING CAPABILITY : A major new national satellite testing facility in the UK is to receive vibration testing equipment from one of the aerospace sector’s leading suppliers

FLEXIBLE AND SCALABLE HIGH-SPEED DATA ACQUISITION : The latest generation of recorders provide an easier way to meet future flight test instrumentation requirements

REQUIREMENTS FOR UV-A-LEDS IN NDT : LEDs in NDT inspection devices can now produce the ultraviolet light necessary to excite the fluorescence of the penetrant or the magnetic particles

MICRO-VIBRATION ACCELEROMETERS PERFORM IN A COLD SPACE SIMULATOR : The development of pioneering space telescope required the proving of accelerome

CAPABILITIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF HIGH-SPEED CAMERAS ON DRONES : Descript A high-speed camera mounted on a drone offers a range of applications, from surveillance of blast recording

FULL INSPECTION DIGITAL CONTINUITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS : A device that offers several NDT tools in one lightweight package is proving its worth in everyday aerospace test and inspection

COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY FOR ADDITIVELY MANUFACTURED AEROSPACE COMPONENTS : Additive manufacturing is becoming an increasingly important production technique for safety critical aerospace partsnetic particles



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