Element invests in aerospace testing at its Jupiter, Florida laboratory


Testing-services provider Element Materials Technology has expanded its bleed air testing capabilities and capacity at its Jupiter, Florida laboratory.

Element has invested in new equipment, including 520kW and 200kW electric heaters, to facilitate the testing for customers in the aerospace industry.

The heaters expand the boundary conditions achievable during testing to over 1650˚F degrees Fahrenheit and 1000 Psig ((pound-force per square inch gauge). These tests can be used to simulate very harsh bleed air system environments, as well as any portion of the environmental control systems of aircraft.

Rick Sluiters, executive vice president for aerospace at Element said, “These investments allow us to test at a much larger scale, giving our customers greater flexibility in the samples they can provide. We have also broadened our parameters, providing more scope to meet customers’ technical requirements.

“We are now one of the few laboratories in the US operating at this capacity. We are committed to the provision of the highest-quality service and technical capabilities, and this investment cements our place as a leading supplier for our customers.”

Element employs more than 3,000 technicians, engineers and scientists and has  29 Nadcap-accredited laboratories with 46 Nadcap accreditations.

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