Zetec launches eddy current instrument with surface array capability


The MIZ-21C handheld eddy current inspection tool

Nondestructive testing equipment supplier Zetec has launched the MIZ-21C handheld eddy current instrument with surface array capabilities.

According to Zetec, the MIZ-21C delivers fast, accurate inspections in aerospace applications with a surface array that reduces inspection time by up to 95% compared to traditional handheld pencil probes. It also has an ergonomic design, long battery life and intuitive touchscreen, which means you can inspect more areas faster than ever without fatigue.

In addition, the device supports a wide range of existing probes and scanners, extending its value.

“The MIZ-21C is an affordable and capable device that can go anywhere you need to go for your inspection,” said Jesse Herrin, eddy current systems product manager for Zetec. “MIZ-21C not only saves time, it opens the door to new inspection possibilities by bringing the power of surface array to places it has never been before.”

The MIZ-21C is available in three models with single frequency and surface array options to meet a wide range of inspections needs and budgets.

February 16, 2018

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