GRAS launches SysCheck2 acoustic sensor system


GRAS Sound & Vibration, part of Axiometrix Solutions, has released two new microphones with SysCheck2 functionality, allowing for remote-controlled health check of an entire measurement chain.

The two products are the GRAS 246AE 1⁄2ʺ CCP Free-field Standard SysCheck2 Microphone Set, and the GRAS 246AO 1⁄2ʺ CCP Pressure Standard SysCheck2TM Microphone Set.

SysCheck2 is a proprietary technology for verifying measurement chain integrity. It is a tool that allows remote, rapid health check on microphones, channel gain and cable integrity, which enables users to quickly validate their calibration with a single click and no physical interaction. SysCheck2 is easy to set up with standard cables making it adaptable for any test setup, says GRAS.

The verifications are made on each SysCheck2-enabled microphone connected to a CCP power module with transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) support and measurement software with a single click. It also provides on-demand environmental data: Temperature, barometric pressure and humidity.

SysCheck2 can help reduce downtime as well as increase efficiency and data reliability. It is suitable for use in test setups when microphones are placed in dangerous or hard-to-reach locations as well as for distributed measurement setups where many microphones need to be validated in a short period of time.

Rémi Guastavino, director of product management at GRAS Sound & Vibration said, ”GRAS is dedicated to remaining the leading innovator of acoustic sensors. By releasing this first intelligent acoustic sensor system, we are demonstrating our commitment. When combining our SysCheck2-enabled microphone systems with Audio Precision and Siemens platforms, we are effectively removing obstacles for customers who need easy, fast and accurate tests”.

Integrated with Audio Precision APx500 Release v7.0

Users of Audio Precision APx analyzers who want an integrated solution that is easy to set up and provides end-to-end self-verification will benefit from SysCheck2 seamless integration to Audio Precision’s analyzers for a plug-and-play solution.

In the first collaborative effort by the GRAS and Audio Precision engineering teams, full SysCheck2 functionality is ready for use with APx500 release v7.0 Measurement Software with GRAS 12BA, 12BB or 12BE (coming soon) power modules and an Audio Precision APx series analyzer, or with an Audio Precision APx series analyzer with CCP and TEDS read/write capability.

Integrated with Siemens Simcenter

Siemens Simcenter Testlab Signature Acquisition has integrated SysCheck2TM for use with the GRAS 246AE microphone and developed a dedicated remote-check procedure, allowing it to smoothly check the validity of a calibration previously performed in the field.

Full functionality with other software

GRAS also offers full functionality by way of providing a software development kit (SDK). This makes all features easily accessible with a suitable CCP-based power module, analyzer and data acquisition system, depending on your software platform.

Two microphone sets with SysCheck2 functionality

The GRAS 246AE is for general use and GRAS 246AO is for audiology. Both are 1⁄2ʺ CCP microphone sets, which are improved versions of GRAS 46AE and GRAS 46AO – with the added SysCheck2TM functionality. GRAS 246AE and GRAS 246AO can both be accessed with many data acquisition systems and offer seamless plug-and-play operation with Audio Precision’s APx data acquisition and Siemens Simcenter Testlab software.

GRAS 246AE with SysCheck2 is a 1⁄2ʺ free-field microphone set and, as such, is optimized for all acoustic applications where the location of the main sound source is known, and the microphone can be pointed directly at it ensuring 0° incidence. It is ideal for general acoustic testing and conforms to IEC 61094 WS2F and IEC 61672 Class 1.

GRAS 246AO with SysCheck2 is a 1⁄2ʺ high-precision pressure microphone suitable for laboratory work and ideal for production line testing in coupler setups for test of hearing aids, earphones, headphones and headsets. It conforms to IEC 63181.


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