TsAGI specialists finish static testing of the Il-76 MD-90А wing panel


Specialists at the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) have conducted static strength tests of a wing panel for the new Il-76 MD-90А modification of the military transport aircraft Il-76. The tests were run in the endurance testing laboratory in January.

These series of tests introduced a special approach involving TsAGI specialists performing the first phase of fatigue tests and static tests being run on a single aircraft. Usually, these studies would be conducted on different aircraft. The studies began with fatigue tests to a design service life of 8,000 flight cycles. Then, static tests with application of limit running loads to the structure were run.

The obtained experimental data allowed approval of the structure design model developed by OJSC Il specialists. This allowed specialists to forecast strength characteristics for the structure at design loads amounting to 150% of limit loads.

Both during fatigue tests and after application of operational loads, the Institute’s specialists examined all structural elements important in terms of static and fatigue strength. For static tests, all damages revealed to occur during fatigue tests have been remedied. After static strength testing was over, no additional damage was found.

The testing performed makes it possible to assume that the new modification of Il-76 MD 90А possesses design static strength and service life enough for ensuring the initial fatigue life.

The military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90 is based on the production military transport aircraft Il-76MD and is used for air landing and parachuting of military personnel, equipment, and various cargos.

February 22, 2017

Edited by Michael Jones

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