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As a certified testing service provider as specified by DIN EN 4179 and DIN EN 9100 with over 25 years of experience, HÜNEFELD NDT is your qualified partner in non-destructive testing for aerospace.

The company’s key capability is the ultrasonic-based testing of carbon-fiber composite materials. Computer-controlled scanning systems for plane-parallel and axially symmetrical components are important parts of its 500m² testing laboratory. HÜNEFELD even operate three fully-fledged phased-array testing stations for testing in volume.

HÜNEFELD is able to provide a diverse set of capabilities in non-destructive testing and quality assurance, in ultrasonic, X-ray, eddy current, magnet powder and fluorescent dye penetrant testing.

HÜNEFELD NDT’s key equipment and capabilities include an ultrasonic scanning array for plane-parallel or slightly curved parts and wet sonic transfer using squirter technology. The laboratory can also provide ultrasonic scanning services for axially symmetrical parts (shafts and pipes), with the lateral surface of the pipe imaged in C- and D-Scans. The facility also features an immersion scanning unit to discover the tiniest of imperfections using frequencies of up to 30MHz and three phased array testing lines for high-volume testing of the Airbus A350 CFRP-Window-Frame.

In addition there is dye-penetrant and magnetic particle based testing equipment in the darkroom, a digital X-Ray-Scanner Phoenix / GE PCBA-Analyser 160 and a calibration-station for ultrasonic and eddy current based testing probes (as specified in DIN EN 12668-1 and -15548-1).

HÜNEFELD was formed out of Dornier aviation when the Dornier engineering was relocated to Oberpfaffenhofen in 1995. The company has over 25 years of experience in almost all NDT processes and specializes in the ultrasonic testing of carbon fiber composite materials. The detection of delaminations, inclusions of foreign bodies, porosities and the detachment of adhesive bonds are part of the company’s business.

The first carbon-fiber based aircraft by Dornier, the DO 328 with its maiden flight on December 6 1991 was tested almost exclusively by HÜNEFELD NDT. HÜNEFELD also performed the teardown inspection of that particular aircraft.

In 2014 HÜNEFELD moved into a 500m² hall in the former Askania factory in Überlingen, Germany. The customer base is primarily in the aerospace and motorsport sectors.

The company is the ideal service provider for partners in the aerospace sector when
it comes to detecting anomalies in carbon fiber composites.

This article was provided by HÜNEFELD NDT

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