After the pandemic: returning back to service


Use the best ground support equipment to help return aircraft to service efficiently after a long period on the ground.

Global aircraft fleets will look different post-Covid-19, but one thing is clear, aircraft and their associated components and systems must be tested regularly to maintain a reliable condition and to provide a smooth return to service. Test-Fuchs has developed a strategy for providing the right equipment to key operators to achieve this goal.

In partnership with its customers Test-Fuchs has developed the next generation of AC and DC Generator test stands. The key OEMs have approved the advantages of this equipment and recently included them in their respective Component Maintenance Manuals for commercial aircraft. 

The Test-Fuchs LMP Test Stand series is capable of communicating with the UUT (unit under test) and has fully automated test sequences for a wide range of UUTs, including the most complex. It combines proven technologies with innovation to improve the bottom-line and provide competitive advantage. The new LMP250 is IoT-ready and can be connected to the cloud. The most innovative LMP sub-assembly is the direct drive, which replaces the traditional gearbox. The overall LMP solution reduces complexity, noise and power loss and results in less maintenance, faster turnaround and more reliable lead times.

The engineers at Test-Fuchs can take care of the customers’ test stand requirements. A world-wide service network guarantees excellent after sales service and quick response times for maintenance, spare parts, calibration and remote support.

However, not only electrical components need to be maintained and tested. When aircraft are in operation hydraulic fluid circulates, is filtered and replenished to provide a vital medium for control systems. It is therefore important to keep the risks of corrosion or contamination under control within these hydraulic systems. This is especially vital after a long period of stand-still and we are currently experiencing this at an unprecedented scale.  

In the process of returning aircraft into service, Test-Fuchs can help aircraft operators by providing vital hydraulic GSE (ground support equipment). Notably, the widely-deployed Hydraulic Ground Power Unit (HGPU) can supply hydraulic power to an aircraft under maintenance. Associated with the HGPU, the company can also support customers with the purification of hydraulic fluids using the Water Separator System. This enables the hydraulic fluids in your aircraft to be decontaminated in less than four hours, saving on expensive oil changes and helping to prevent corrosion of aircraft components. 

Aircraft potable water systems are another crucial maintenance topic, especially after longer periods on the ground. When not properly maintained, potable water tanks and systems are a potential serious hazard to passenger safety. They need to be closely monitored and disinfected on a regular basis, to avoid the inevitable growth of bacteria in pipes and tanks. To combat this, Test-Fuchs has developed a Disinfection Cart (DC2) to support aircraft operators in restoring water systems to a safe standard.

The DC2 can be used inside the hangar as well as outside, even in inclement weather. The cart has been designed to work without electrical power if necessary and combines easily with external water supplies. All components in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel, assuring a long-life of the device and easy maintenance. The DC2 operates with any kind of liquid disinfection and is extremely reliable. The cart is compatible for use on all commercial aircraft and is an ideal cost-effective aid for the return to service of valuable passenger carrying aircraft fleets.

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