IQSMS joins Volocopter’s UAM ecosystem


Austrian safety and quality management software company ASQS, has announced a cooperation with German eVTOL aircraft developer Volocopter.

Volocopter is the first eVTOL developer to receive both Design Organization Approval (DOA) and Production Organization Approval (POA) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This enables the company to design and produce aircraft to certification standards in-house.

The company’s product portfolio includes the VoloCity air taxi for urban passenger flights, the VoloDrone for cargo transportation, and the VoloConnect for longer passenger flights between suburbs and city centers.

To create scalable ecosystems for urban air mobility, Volocopter is developing the entire physical and digital infrastructures, including VoloPorts for eVTOL takeoff and landing points and its urban air mobility software platform, the VoloIQ, the digital backbone of the ecosystem that connects the aircraft, ground infrastructure, air traffic management, and much more.

As a provider of integrated quality and safety management solutions for the aviation industry, ASQS will support Volocopter with its longstanding expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry’s regulatory requirements.

Key features of its modular software include intuitive hazard and event reporting, internal and external auditing, and proactive and systematic risk management, which together enable comprehensive monitoring of all compliance and safety-related aspects of the business. ASQS further offers its global clients virtually seamless customer support in three different time zones from its headquarters in Vienna and further offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Calgary, Canada.

After operating multiple public test flights all around the world in major cities such as Dubai, Helsinki, Stuttgart, Singapore, Paris, Oshkosh, and Hamburg in the past decade, Volocopter is working towards launching commercial air taxi services in cities and building the necessary supporting ecosystem.

Volocopter has implemented IQSMS in all aspects of its operations, from engineering and manufacturing to
operations and maintenance, and will further provide IQSMS to all future franchisees, as part of Volocopter’s IT infrastructure standard package.

“It’s great to be on board for this exciting project and to accompany this truly unique customer on their journey of innovation, development, and growth. We are pleased to provide Volocopter with our product to support their safety, risk, and compliance management processes. Urban air mobility is an exciting new part of the industry and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation,” said ASQS project manager Florian Lis-Srajer, who oversaw the implementation of the system along with ASQS project manager Ruben Inion.

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