Sopemea acquires UK’s PARC laboratory


Sopemea is positioning itself in the UK testing market with the acquisition of Product Assessment and Reliability Center (PARC), which now allows Sopemea customers to call on a UK laboratory.

The PARC laboratory operates a wide range of mechanical (vibratory, etc) and climatic (temperature, etc) tests. Located in Devon in the southwest of England, about 100km from Hinkley Point, PARC was founded approximately 20 years ago to support the development of local technical companies.

PARC is led by Richard Tabor, who has 25 years of experience in the testing field. The PARC team of 17 employees also includes test engineers and technicians specialized in the field of testing.

The UK facility carries out tests of vibrations and shocks, climate, salt spray, sealing and altitude, and HALT (highly accelerated life testing). The laboratory is equipped with six shakers and 24 climate chambers.

September 20, 2017


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