First Global 7000 flight test vehicles take shape


The engines have been mounted on the first Global 7000 flight test vehicle (FTV1), which includes all major structural components: rear, centre and forward fuselage sections; wing; landing gears; and vertical and horizontal tail stabilizers. In addition to the new engines, installation of the wiring harnesses and functional test procedures have commenced on FTV1.

A second flight test vehicle (FTV2) is in final assembly with major structural components joined such as the rear, centre and forward fuselage sections and cockpit. Two additional flight test vehicles are in various stages of production and assembly.

Meanwhile, the Integrated Systems Test and Certification Rig (ISTCR) has been commissioned and safety of flight testing is underway; the avionics System Integrated Test Stand (SITS) rig has been installed at Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Toronto site, and the Global 7000 Complete Airframe Static Test (CAST) rig has been commissioned. These comprehensive test articles will ensure the maturity and reliability of the aircraft’s structure and systems throughout the flight test program and before entry-into-service.

For now, Bombardier remains tight lipped as to when the first flight will take place, telling Aerospace Testing International, “For competitive reasons, we have not disclosed the date of first flight.”

However Anna Cristofaro, senior adviser, public relations and communications, Bombardier Business Aircraft, was able to confirm the key tests yet to take place before the first flight, suggesting the first flight was still some months away. The key tests include: static structural testing sufficient to clear the aircraft flight envelope; engine testing for FAA Part 33 certification; functional testing and integration of aircraft systems – such as avionics, electrical, hydraulic, fly-by-wire, flight controls, air management, landing gear and brakes, etc – and Safety Of Flight (SOF) testing for all structure, software and systems; ground vibration testing (GVT); and low-speed and high-speed taxi tests.

In other news, Bombardier has appointed Michel Ouellette as senior vice president, Global 7000 and Global 8000 Program. In his new role, Michel will oversee the complete program to ensure that the Global 7000 business jet is successfully brought to market. Ouellette began his career at Bombardier in 1990 and spent the earlier part of his career in experimental engineering and testing. In 2004, he joined the Challenger aircraft team, where he held increasingly senior roles, including vice president and general manager, Challenger aircraft programs. In April 2013, he served as vice president and general manager, Global Aircraft Programs and thereafter led the Customer Services and Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft division. He was named chief operating officer for Business Aircraft in June 2015.

September 17, 2015

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