AW189 Limited Ice Protection System (LIPS) receives EASA certification


The Limited Ice Protection System (LIPS) for the AW189 super medium twin engine helicopter has received EASA certification, according to Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland. LIPS will allow the AW189 to further enhance its all-weather capabilities, continuing the process to make the all-new super medium class helicopter suitable to operate in the most adverse and harsh environmental conditions. 

The AW189 is the first helicopter in its weight category to receive an ice protection system certification. The Limited Ice Protection System (LIPS) permits flight within a known and defined envelope of icing conditions provided that the capability to descend into a known band of positive temperature is available throughout the intended route, typical of conditions encountered, for example, over the North Sea.

Thanks to its cost-effectiveness and reduced weight, LIPS is optimal for flight in limited icing conditions for operations such as offshore and passenger transport as well as search and rescue. The newly EASA certified system is available as an option and includes ice detectors, a supercooled larger droplet (SLD) marker, an ice accretion meter and heated windshield. The system does not require heated rotor blades and associated equipment, while the engine air intake heating system is already incorporated into the standard AW189 helicopter. The AW189 equipped with LIPS retains the performance and procedures for Cat. A operations and has only limited restrictions in terms of low temperature and ice presence during IFR operations, therefore expanding the all-weather operating capability of the type.

October 2, 2015

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