Another successful Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium


Global engineering experts gathered together in Cologne, Germany, on November 16-17, to discuss and share the latest electric and hybrid aircraft research and testing at the Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium.

Leading aerospace engineers, academics and heads of electrical system design and engineering discussed, debated and analyzed the development of hybrid electric aircraft, as well as the possibility of pure electric-only commercial flight. 

The two-day event at the Köln Messe was organized by the publisher of Aerospace Testing International, and covered all aspects of aerospace activity, from general aviation and smaller regional aircraft, to larger commercial airliners, with its purpose being to highlight the fast-paced development of hybrid propulsion and electrical subsystem architecture or MEA, and to discuss the vast research into the increased electrification of aircraft and the possibilities and challenges that brings. 

Nearly 50 expert speakers presented their views and their current findings, providing a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with this pioneering community of aviation engineers. 

Two parallel streams ran the full length of both days, with leading speakers including Alan Newby, director of aerospace technology and future programs, Rolls-Royce; Dr Frank Anton, vice president Siemens eAircraft, Siemens AG; and Sean Clarke, X-57 principal investigator, NASA.

Growing year on year, the 2018 Symposium promises to be even larger with more experts bringing the aerospace industry up-to-date on the ever evolving technology and services associated with electric and hybrid-powered aircraft.

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