Russian Helicopters flight tests second Mi-171A2


Russian Helicopters, part of the state corporation Rostec, has started flight testing of a second Mi-171A2 prototype (a medium multi-role rotorcraft) at its Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.

The Mi-171A2 is a development of the earlier medium multi-role Mi-8/Mi17 series. The power plant is a FADEC VK-2500PS-03 engine and with an auxiliary power plant by Safir, which enables the engine to be started at altitudes of up to 6,000m. The main rotor systems of the entire Mi-8/17 series have been completely overhauled.

The use of composite blades, as well as upgrades to the swashplate and bushing, has reduced the total weight of the main rotor and increased thrust by 700kg. An X-shaped tail rotor with composite blades has also been added to increase responsiveness and reduce noise.

These upgrades increased the helicopter’s total take-off weight by 1,000kg in category A, the maximum cargo payload on an external sling has increased by 25% to 5,000kg, and the helicopter’s cruising, maximum speeds and flight times have all increased.

The Mi-171A2 has a KBO-17 avionics suite, enabling around the clock operations, including in poor weather. This avionics suite is a ‘glass cockpit’ with five multifunction LCDs. The increased automation has reduced the crew from three to two people.

November 13, 2015

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