Easy-to-fly helicopter begins flight tests


Karlsruhe, Germany-based company e-volo recently completed work on its first easy-to-fly helicopter prototype, the two-seater Volocopter VC200, and began flight tests.

Safely piloting a helicopter requires a very high degree of skill. Up until now, flying a helicopter has been one of the ultimate challenges in the aviation world, but the Volocopter VC200 is intended to change this. E-volo CEO Alex Zosel remotely flew the Volocopter for the first time in November – single-handedly and with only a joystick control box.

Over the course of a November test flight program, comprising multiple unmanned flights with the VC200 on the airfield adjacent to the company workshop in southwest Germany, e-volo was able to extensively test various technical innovations that don’t exist in conventional helicopters.

The development team was able to implement the automatic altitude control, position hold, and landing systems which enable the Volocopter to stay in one position accurately and automatically, even in turbulence or crosswinds.

To land, the pilot only needs to operate the altitude control and the Volocopter will descend toward the ground, slowing automatically as it gets closer, until it touches down. As soon as all requirements of the responsible aviation authorities are fulfilled, the first manned flights will follow.

To see a video of the Volocopter VC200 in action, click here.

December 3, 2015

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