Bell-Boeing wins multi-million contract extension for V-22 Osprey testing


The Bell-Boeing joint project office in Amarillo, Texas has won a US$23 million contract extension to fund the ongoing flight testing and evaluation of the V-22 Osprey test aircraft.

The funding awarded earlier this month is an extension to a US$58 million contract awarded in February 2017 for technical support and flight testing of the avionics, flight controls and software for the military tilt-rotor.

The work is being performed at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland and the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona.

The V-22 Osprey is used by the US Marines. Its twin rotor engines are used for vertical take-off and landing and can be tilted forward for lateral flight, allowing for higher speeds and increased endurance compared to conventional helicopters.

The tilt-rotor aircraft can carry 24 fully equipped Marines and has a range of nearly 600 miles (965km).


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