Helicopter firm set to buy 25 VTOL Speeders from Mayman Aerospace


Savback Helicopters, the independent helicopter and fixed-wing sales specialist, has signed an agreement with Mayman Aerospace for the purchase and sale of 25 Speeder VTOL aircraft.

The deal makes Savback the first civilian customer for the Speeder, which aircraft calls a compact high-speed vertical take-off and landing operations.

Mayman Aerospace revealed a flight-ready prototype of its Speeder Air Utility Vehicle at the Draper Venture Network CEO Summit in the summer.

The VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft has eight jet engines, with a carbon fiber body designed and modeled to lift 1000 lbs (450kg) and fly 400 miles (640km) at over 500mph (800km/h) in an unpiloted cargo mode.

Based on the list price, the deal is valued at US$45 million.

Savback’s chairman, Michael Savback said, “The Speeder is an outstandingly versatile machine. We are proud to announce our intent to add this advanced technology to our existing portfolio. This aircraft is well placed to satisfy the growing needs of our military forces for vehicles that can support contested logistics, casevac and cargo missions in minimal time with maximum reliability. The autonomously piloted Speeder reduces human risk and strengthens existing fleet proficiencies; it’s a winning formula all around.”

The new deal strengthens an existing relationship between the two companies. Savback Helicopters was appointed as the exclusive marketing and sales representative for Speeder in the Nordic countries in June 2022.

“This is a milestone moment for Speeder development as it demonstrates there is a real need for this disruptive, powerful technology. Michael Savback’s understanding of and vision for the operational potential of the aircraft highlights the game-changing capabilities of Speeder. We always planned to change how the world thinks about flying,”said David Mayman, CEO and founder of Mayman Aerospace.

“The addition of Speeder AUVs to the Savback portfolio demonstrates that we have begun to achieve this goal.”

Mayman Aerospace is working with the FAA toward flight certification. Initial test flights will be remotely controlled, with the first piloted tests anticipated towards the end of 2023.

Aerospace Testing International previously talked to Mayman about the development of the new Speeder aircraft. Read the interview here.

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