Second Falcon 8X enters flight test campaign


The second test aircraft has joined the Falcon 8X flight test campaign as the ultra long-range trijet continues to pass key development milestones. Falcon 8X s/n 02 took to the skies from Dassault Aviation’s Bordeaux-Mérignac facility.

After initial checks on the digital flight controls and engine system, the pilots took the aircraft to 43,000ft and Mach 0.8 for performance tests. After the test routine, the aircraft ran a series of additional checks before touching down after 2 hours and 45 min in the air.

“We are very pleased with the way the aircraft responded and flew,” said Hervé Laverne the chief test pilot. “It demonstrated the same flawless handling qualities as s/n 01, a very positive development at this early stage of the flight test campaign.”

The aircraft will now join s/n 01 at the Dassault flight test center at Istres, near Marseille, where it will mostly serve for performance testing. The full program will total about 200 flights and 500 flight hours through final EASA and FAA certification which is anticipated in mid-2016.

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