Lisa prepares second Akoya prototype for flight testing


Lisa Airplanes is preparing its second, and last, Akoya prototype for first flight and further testing in April, and plans to launch production of the light, amphibious piston-single in the Q4 2017.

The latest configuration of the test aircraft has retractable landing gear and can be fitted with electronically adjustable skis, allowing the aircraft to operate from water, snow or land.

These upgrades are the latest design changes to the two-seat, single engine Akoya, which was unveiled in 2007 as a proof-of-concept aircraft. The first prototype flew in 2011 and had 100 hours of flying before the company entered receivership in 2012 before then being rescued in 2013 by private investors.

The aircraft is equipped with an emergency parachute, hydrofoils and foldable wings, and should be capable of short take-offs within 200m.

Pic: Lisa Aeroplanes

March 23, 2017

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