Function and reliability testing last hurdle for Bombardier CS100


Bombardier has confirmed that its all-new CS100 aircraft has completed over 90% of its certification program and is now in the final stage of flight testing, with the focus shifting to a final few weeks of function and reliability tests.

“This function and reliability testing will include airfield performance; landings and airport turnarounds; and on-ground operations – all to ready the CS100 aircraft for operation with SWISS in the first half of 2016,” said Rob Dewar, vice-president, C Series Aircraft Program, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

“The function and reliability test flights, which will be conducted using typical airline flight routings and operational procedures, will include about 15 representative airports in Canada and 20 in the United States,” he continued.

Bombardier has also completed all noise performance testing, with data confirming the CS100 is the quietest in-production commercial jet in its class. The aircraft’s noise performance and its outstanding short-field capability make it ideal for varied types of operations, according to the manufacturer. Earlier this year, Bombardier announced that the C Series aircraft’s maximum range is confirmed to be up to 3,300 nautical miles (6,112km), some 350 nautical miles (648km) more than originally targeted.

The aircraft will also deliver a more than 20% fuel burn advantage compared to in-production aircraft, and a greater than 10% advantage compared to re-engined aircraft. This means that one C Series aircraft could reduce an operator’s carbon emissions by up to 6,000 tons each year. The C Series will also emit 50% fewer NOx emissions than the CAEP 6* NOx emission standards.

Bombardier has also confirmed that production ramp-up is underway, including the first aircraft for launch operator, SWISS. “It’s a thrill to announce that we’re in the final stage of certification – following a comprehensive flight test program, we’re now on the cusp of validating that the CS100 aircraft is ready for operation with SWISS,” said Fred Cromer, president, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “Thanks to the dedication and hard work of many people from around the world, over many years, we’re proud to announce that this last phase of flight testing puts us on track to certify by the end of 2015.”

October 16, 2015

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